Role of the Collective Community

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The content of this website is generated and maintained, in part, by the Internet number resource community members through consensus and open collaboration. Its purpose is to provide interested individuals in the community an opportunity to collaborate on subject matter pertaining to IPv6. Anything posted to this website must relate to IPv6 issues and topics generally considered to be current and relevant. The focus of this website is implementation and migration of IPv6 in the ARIN region, but content related to experiences outside the ARIN region is allowed.

The following policies have been established to allow for the effective exchange of information in a responsible way by interested parties. These policies must be strictly adhered to in order to keep this website as an effective open forum and useful resource.

Violators of any of the above policies will be contacted and asked to adhere to the policy. Offensive content will be removed. If a user persists in violating the policy, ARIN staff will take steps to prohibit the user, whether associated with a registered user account or IP address, from participating on this website . Thank you for your participation and cooperation.